A Petanque Court Opens At The Waterfront

A Petanque Court Opens At The Waterfront

Petanque Court

This September The Waterfront at Sovereign Harbour unveiled a new Pentanque Court; replacing the children’s urban beach which has been in place over the summer for families.

A free to use winter time activity, open 7 days a week (9.00 – 18.00), Pentanque sets are available for full use and hire from 4 Seasons Brasserie with a £5 deposit.

The rules for the game are simple:

  • Hollow metal balls are thrown as close as possible to a small (typically) wooden target ball, called a Jack. 
  • Two teams compete against one another, by rolling their ball, as close to the Jack as possible. 
  • To start the team who is going first, draw a starting circle big enough for each player to stand in. 
  • They will then throw the Jack to a further area of the court, 6 – 10 metres away. 
  • The same team will then throw one of their balls as close to the Jack as possible. 
  • Each team will then take it turns to either roll their ball closer to the Jack, called ‘Point’ or they will try and deliberately hit the opposing teams ball out of the way, called ‘Shoot’. 
  • The team which win does so by getting their balls closest to the ‘Jack’ – one point is awarded per ball. The losing team are awarded no points. 
  • The winning team start the next round, drawing a new circle and throwing the ‘Jack’. 
  • Play continues until one team gets 13 points.